GP Internet Offer (4G Speed) 2018 Latest List Released

Hello, ladies and gentlemen what’s up? I hope you are doing well. You will be excited to know that, we are going to talk about GP internet offer today. You might be waiting to know all the impressive offers from the top-class sim company of Bangladesh. Here, we will illustrate all the updated internet offers came from Grameenphone. We will also notify you the terms and conditions of those offers. If you are a regular internet user, and you want to be at the top not wasting any extra money, you need to have knowledge of all the internet offers and packages.

GP Internet Offer

So, I am suggesting you, follow the entire article and observe it well. As soon as you finish the article, you will have all the knowledge of Grameen internet offer may 2018 update release.

You already know, Grameenphone has the largest amounts of users in Bangladesh. Almost half of the population who uses mobile phones, they use Grameenphone. Besides, the most number of internet users rely on Grameenphone, because they provide the best internet speed. The price might seem a bit much for you but according to the service, it’s fine. Let’s explore the GP internet Package.

Grameen Internet Offer & Activation Code

Current GP internet offer

In this section, you will get to know about the present internet offers by Grameenphone:

  • 4G sim replacement offer> 5GB 4G Activation Data for 7 Days Activation+6 at Taka 0
  • 4 GB at 179 Taka
  • 2049 MB at 129 Taka
  • 5 GB at 104 Taka
  • 250 MB at 31 Taka
  • 1 GB at 94 Taka
  • 500 MB at 5 Taka! (GP Bondho sim offer)

4G Sim replacement offer

You have already known that 4G has been available in Bangladesh recently. People already started to take the advantage of 4G in different places of the country. To celebrate this occasion Grameenphone is offering a replacement offer. If you have a 3G enabled GP sim, and you replace the sim and take a 4G sim, Grameenphone will provide you 5 GB 4G data. Don’t worry if you haven’t a 4G enabled handset because you are also going to get 1.5 GB 2G/3G data.

4G Sim Replacement Offer

To activate this offer you don’t need to dial any specific number. Just replace your 3G sim to 4G and enjoy the offer.

Terms and Conditions

  • 5 GB of 4G data will be provided
  • Another 1.5 GB of 2G/3G/4G data will be given
  • To be eligible for this offer a customer has to convert his/her active 2G/3G SIM to 4G SIM
  • To use the 4G data, a customer will require a 4G enabled handsets and her area should be covered with a 4G network
  • This is a limited campaign but it will run until further notice
  • All the GP customers can enjoy this offer
  • A customer can enjoy this offer for each SIM once
  • The auto-renew feature is not applicable for this offer
  • After consuming the entire data or expiration of the data, the user will be charged 1.22 Tk per 1 megabyte up to 244 Taka
  • To know the details of internet balance dial: *121*1*4#
  • To cancel your any internet offer dial *121*3041#
  • Skitto users can’t avail this offer

4GB at 179 Taka

You can avail this Grameen internet offer for only at 179 Tk only. You will get 4 GB internet and a free SMS (GP-GP). Once you avail this offer, it will be validated for 7 days. The amount is inclusive of SD, SC, and VAT so, you won’t have to pay any extra money without 179 Tk. Auto-renewal features are unavailable for this offer. All the GP customers can activate this offer. If you stream web videos regularly and play online games then, it’s the best offer for you.

Gp 2049MB at Tk 129 Offer

Activation Code: To activate the offer, you have to dial *121*3084#

Terms and conditions

  • The user will get 4GB data+ 1 (GP-GP) SMS at 179 (including vat + other charges)
  • The validity after activation will be 7 days
  • The auto-renew feature is not applicable for this offer
  • The campaign will be available until further notice
  • All GP customers can enjoy the offer
  • The unused data will not be carried forward after the validity period. But if you purchase the same offer within the validity period, the unused data will be added.
  • Once the customer finishes an entire volume of the package, he/she will be charged 1.22 Tk per 1MB up to 244 Tk (including VAT + other charges)
  • If you want to cancel the offer, dial *11*3041#
  • The offer is not available for Skitto Users
  • GP internet balance check: dial *121*1*4#

2049 MB at 129 Tk

You can activate this Grameenphone internet offer at just 129 Tk only. You will get 2049 megabytes of data or 2GB. You will also get 7 SMS which you can send to any operator available in Bangladesh. The validity of this offer is 7days. You don’t need to pay any extra money for this package as it includes the VAT and all other charges. There is no official info available for the auto-renewal feature for this offer. A customer can take this offer for an unlimited time during the campaign. This GP internet offer is available for all the GP postpaid and prepaid users except Skitto users.

GP 4G 179 Taka Offer

Activation Code: Dial *121*3058# to activate the offer.

  • The Customer will get 2049 MB as well as 7 SMS (GP – Any operator)
  • The amount of this package is 129 Tk including all the charges
  • All the GP prepaid and postpaid users can avail this offer
  • Any customer can activate this offer unlimited time as long as it’s available
  • This offer will be available until further notice
  • The unused data won’t be carried forward until the customer obtain the same package within the validity period
  • After consuming the whole data pack or it gets expired, the user will be charged 1 Taka per consuming 1 megabyte of data
  • If you want to cancel the internet offer, you can dial *121*3041#
  • This offer is not valid for Skitto user

1.5 GB at 104 TK

You can enjoy this exclusive GP internet Package at just 104 Tk only. You will get 7 days validity for this pack and 1.5 gigabytes of data. In this offer, you are not going to get any free SMS. The price for this pack is included the VAT and all other charges so, you will not be charged any extra money. You can avail this offer as many times as you can. This is a great 7 days internet pack. All the GP prepaid and postpaid users can enjoy this offer except the Skitto users.

GP 1.5 GB 104 Taka

Activation code: Dial *121*3344#

Terms and Conditions

  • The amount of data is 1.5 GB
  • The deducted price for the pack will 104 Tk including VAT + other charges
  • The validity period of this offer is 7 days
  • All the GP customers who use prepaid or postpaid sim are applicable for the offer
  • The offer is available until any further notice
  • A customer can activate the offer for unlimited times during the availability period
  • Unconsumed data volume will not be usable after the validity period. But, if a user purchases the same pack before the validity period then, the unused data will be carried forward.
  • Customers will be charged 1.22 TK per megabyte after the expiration of the pack until they purchase the same or any new pack.
  • To know your internet balance dial *121*3041#
  • Dial *121*3041# to cancel your internet offer
  • Skitto users are not valid for this offer

250 MB at 31 Tk

This is a value pack for day to day users. You can get the GP internet offer for only 31 TK including the VAT and all other charges. You will get 250 megabytes of data which will be valid for total 3 days. (activation day+ 2days). You will not get any free SMS or MMS purchasing this pack. Like all others offer packs, both GP prepaid and postpaid users can use this pack without the Skitto users. This pack is also available to purchase for unlimited times during the validity period.

GP 250MB 31 Taka Offer

Activation code: Dial *121*3083#

Terms and conditions

  • The volume of data is 250 megabytes
  • 31 Taka including VAT and other charges will be deducted from your account
  • Once you activate this pack, it will be valid for 3 days (activating day + 2 days)
  • The auto-renew feature will not be applicable for this offer pack
  • The offer is available until further notice
  • This offer is valid for both prepaid and postpaid users of Grameenphone
  • After the expiration of this pack or the entire pack is consumed, the customer will be charged per usage. The charge will be 1.22 Taka per 1 megabyte
  • The unused data will vanish after the expiration. If you want the data to be carried forward, you have to purchase the same pack within the validity.
  • For internet balance details *121*3041#
  • Dial *121*3041# to cancel your internet offer
  • Skitto users are not allowed to use this offer

1 GB at 94 Tk

GP has been offering many 7 days internet offers and this is one of them. This is a popular pack and you can purchase it for only at 94 TK. You will also get 1026 megabytes of data and 7 SMS which you can send to any operator. As all the other packs, the price of this pack includes VAT and all other charges. So,

there are no issues of deducting extra money from the account. The offer can be taken as many times as a customer want. This pack will be great to use Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and sometimes for streaming YouTube videos. But if you are a regular video streamer then, I don’t recommend this pack as you know 3G consumes more data because of fast speed.

GP 1GB 94 Taka

Activation code: Dial *121*3056#

Terms and conditions

  • Total 1026 megabyte of data will be provided
  • Total 94 Tk will be charged including VAT and other charges
  • The validity is 7 days
  • 7 Free SMS (GP – any operator) will be included
  • The offer will be available until further notice
  • All GP prepaid and postpaid customer can avail the offer
  • Skitto users aren’t applicable for this offer

GP Bondho Sim offer

At present, there is only one Grameenphone Bondho sim offer available. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity grab this offer as soon as possible before it ends. If you haven’t purchased any data pack since 11 May 2018, you are eligible for this offer. You will get 500 megabytes of data just at 5 TK. This is a one time offer which means, you can purchase it for only once.

GP Bondho Sim Offer

Check Offer Validity *121*1*2# (Prepaid) & *121*4601#

Terms and Conditions

  • All prepaid and postpaid user of Grameenphone can avail this offer
  • Total 500 megabytes of data will be provided
  • Only the customer who didn’t purchase any data since 2nd February 2018 can purchase the offer
  • This offer will charge you 5 TK only including VAT and all other charges
  • The validity of this offer is 7 days
  • A customer can purchase this offer only once
  • The unused data won’t be usable after the expiration
  • Customer will be charged Tk .01/10KB till 244 Taka

GP internet offer based on recharge

Here you will get the GP internet recharge offer for both GP Postpaid and prepaid user:

Recharge AmmountPackage SizeValidity
12 Taka30MB3 Days
22 Taka60 MB3 Days
31 Taka250 MB3 Days
37 Taka75 MB7 Days
56 Taka10030 Days
94 Taka1024 MB (1 GB)7 Days
104 Taka1.5 GB7 Days
119 Taka250 MB28 Days
129 Taka2048 MB (2GB)7 Days
149 Taka500 MB28 Days
179 Taka4 GB7 Days
229 Taka1.5 GB7 Days
337 Taka2048 MB (2 GB)28 Days
427 Taka3 GB28 Days
609 Taka5 GB28 Days
1157 Taka10 GB28 Days
152212 GB28 Days
243620 GB28 Days

GP Internet Setting

All Offer Collected From GP Official Server


Here we are at the end. We have given you various offers of GP internet package list. We have also provided all the terms and conditions for each package. Now, you can choose one Grameen internet package among all these which is convenient for you.

Thank you very much for visiting us and coming to know about GP internet offer. I hope you will be satisfied to know all these offers. For all the latest offers don’t forget to visit us. Until then, take care and spread the goodness.